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'American Horror Story: Coven' S3 E2: 'Boy Parts'

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Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2013 6:39 pm

This week's "Coven" is just as frightening and weird as ever, as the episode starts out with hunters in the swamplands of Louisiana, mercilessly killing alligators. Misty Days (who supposedly died in the last episode) appears and uses her necromancy to resurrect the gators, allowing them to exact their gory revenge on the hunters.

In the Academy, Cordelia bustles about, knocking on the doors of the rooms and inviting the girls to the morning gathering. Zoe is still mourning the death of frat boy Kyle, and Queenie reveals how she came to the Academy (basically using her voodoo doll powers to deep fry a man's arm).

Fiona interrogates a bound LaLaurie in her room, giving viewers the conclusion that their "drink" didn't end well last episode. She's demanding that LaLaurie gives up the secret to how she lived so long. While it is a curse to LaLaurie, Fiona craves everlasting life.

Detectives show up at the Academyforcefully questioning Zoe and Madison about the bus crash, claiming they knew Madison had encountered the frat boys the night of their deaths. Zoe, panicky as usual, breaks down and blabs that she and Madison are witches and that Madison killed the boys with telekinesis. She also admits to killing the ringleader in the hospital. The detectives don't have much time for shock before Fiona bursts in and hypnotizes them into forgetting the entire situation.

Fiona isn't happy with Madison and Zoe, calling them "soft" and saying they're going to end the line of witches with their stupidity. She dramatically leaves with the final words: “The only thing you have to fear in this wicked world is me.”

Proving their stupidity, Madison and Zoe drive to the morgue and break into the room that holds the bodies of the frat boys. The carnage caused by the wreck isn't pretty. Madison informs Zoe that she owes her a favor and is going to bring Kyle back to life using an ancient spell found on a Latin scroll. The girls attach body parts together to form Kyle again and passionately chant the spell. Kyle stays dead, which is anti-climactic. Madison leaves the morgue, frustrated with herself for failing. Giving in to one of the biggest clichés in all of media history, a kiss from Zoe brings Kyle back to life. Things aren't peachy though, as the first thing Kyle does when he wakes up is beat a security guard to death with his fists.

Cordelia is found at the doctor's office, despaired at the idea that she can't get pregnant. Her husband asks why she doesn't take the easy route out and use magic to conceive, but apparently any magic dealing with life and death is Dark Magic and dangerous (hint-hint Zoe and Madison).

In another interrogation scene with Fiona, Madame LaLaurie reveals that she was tricked 180 years ago by Marie. A flashback shows that Marie brought a mob to LaLaurie's home, hung her family and nailed her into a coffin, damning her to an eternity trapped beneath the Earth's crust.

Fiona decides to pay the voodoos a visit while getting her hair done. Hairstylists clip away at her hair until Marie suddenly enters and says, "You all go on home now. I'll finish this one myself." The two have an intense conversation about the relationship between witchcraft and voodoo, with Fiona confessing that Marie has what she craves most: everlasting life. Meanwhile, Nan is up to her suspicious ways again and has released LaLaurie, who then knocks Queenie out with a candlestick hit to the head. 

Cordelia is busy with her own schemes, having decided to give in to using magic for conception. Having gathered herbs, serpent eggs and incense, she shares a rather steamy scene with her husband. The magic circle surrounding the two bursts into flames and the serpent eggs hatch, begging the question: Was she making human or snake babies?

Zoe is driving Kyle from the morgue, and he isn't taking his reawakening too well. He's acting like a zombie. To make matters better, Misty Days spontaneously pops out from the backseat, almost causing Zoe to crash. Misty directs her to the swamps and promises to take care of Kyle until he heals fully. Who better to leave a zombie in the hands of than a necromancer? Besides, Zoe and Misty seem to hit it off with a quick friendship.

Fiona finds LaLaurie sitting beneath the place where her family was hanged. Fiona calmly sits next to her and tells her she deserves every punishment she got. LaLaurie seems accepting of thisasks if Fiona is a witch, for a witch could help her die. This episode ends in the same fashion as the first one, with LaLaurie and Fiona walking off into the distance.

This episode focused on life and death, which may be a continuing theme within the season, especially with Fiona's quest for eternal life. It will be interesting for viewers to see how Kyle adjusts to his new body and what role he will play in the overall plot. 

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