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Romance on a budget: 7 inexpensive Valentine’s date ideas

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Posted: Wednesday, February 8, 2012 5:00 am

Gifts can symbolize just how special one person is to another. But physical gifts can break or grow old - and cost money you don't have. With a little planning and creativity, you can still plan an unforgettable date instead.

1. Hawai‘i is a paradise. A sunset and the sound of waves hitting the shore provide the perfect ambience for a romantic evening on an uncrowded beach. Make it special by preparing a favorite to-go meal for the two of you. Don't forget to bring dessert.

2. Dinner and a movie might seem cliched, but keep your date guessing about the evening by trying a new restaurant. Go all out and make reservations for two. Reservations are usually free, and the details make all the difference. Consider watching a movie out of your genre preferences and experience something different together. (This option would work as a surprise lunch date, too.)

3. Version two of dinner and a movie is for lovers on a tight budget. Is there a recipe you've been dying to try? Make the dish together. When you sit down to eat, play a customized playlist of all your special songs. As for the movie, pick a mutual favorite and enjoy it in the comfort and quiet of your own home.

4. Is there a couple whose company you and your special someone enjoy? If so, make date night a group outing. This could also be the time to introduce those two friends you think are made for each other. Don't revert to an already-experienced date night. There are tons of ideas for couples to choose from, like paintball, bowling, ice skating or wine tasting.

5. Learning something new together can be exciting. There is less fear of being embarrassed if you both are equally inexperienced in the activity. Lessons for cooking, surfing or dancing are available for various prices throughout the community.

6. Embrace the arts together by going to see a production in the city. There is something about theater and the arts that can make a normal dinner date seem more exciting. Check out the city's upcoming productions and purchase tickets online.

7. Competitive lovers can make any date's activity interesting by offering up candy or gifts as prizes for victories. Whether you're playing board games or video games, put up chocolates or other Valentine's paraphernalia before starting. The winner of each game receives both players' bets. At the end of the night, bragging rights go to the winner of the most gifts.