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Recycling options for dorm residents

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Posted: Thursday, October 13, 2011 12:00 am

What do you do after you finish a beer, soda or bottled water? Do you throw the container away? Recycle it? Turn it into art? If you live in student housing, you may have some options.

"Each hall/complex is given bins to recycle (cans/plastic/bottles)," wrote Director of Student Housing Mike Kaptik in an email. When asked about who funds the recycling stations, Kaptik responded, "Community Council does not fund the recycling bins. They are funded by Student Housing."

"In some buildings, there should be bins on the floors as well as the lobby areas. Hale Aloha should have bins in the floor lounges and Frear should have bins in the trash rooms," replied Kaptik when asked about the recycling options in the dorms.

Last year, there were issues with several areas not having recycling containers. In the areas that did have recycling options, the containers were not maintained and emptied.

"My staff report that there are recycling options in all buildings, but in some cases, bins were damaged/missing and we are in the process of replacing them. There are bins in Lokelani and Lehua, according to the staff," responded Kaptik regarding this problem.

But some residents may not want to use Student Housing-provided containers. For residents who want to get their five cents back on select plastics and cans, they have the option of using the RRR Recycling truck parked on campus on Sundays.

Another recycling option is the large white metal bin across the dorm access road from Frear Hall. There, residents can recycle cardboard and paper. In fact, it is recommended that they do so, because cardboard can clog trash chutes.

Those who want to recycle can be proactive. "If students notice a missing recycling container, they should notify their in-hall staff or submit a pilikia (service request)," wrote Kaptik.

Pilikia forms can be accessed at

Students looking for additional recycling information and ideas can visit"> http://">