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‘Obamney’ vs. Gary Johnson

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Posted: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 5:00 am

Have you heard of former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson? If the answer is “no,” you are not alone. Almost all major presidential polling organizations and mainstream media outlets have neglected to even mention his name. This election, you have a choice between two nearly identical candidates – President Barack Obama, a Democrat, and Republican challenger Mitt Romney – and Libertarian Gary Johnson.

The word “Libertarian” may sound scary, so consider some of these questions first: Do you think we should bring our troops home immediately? Do you support the closure of Guantanamo Bay? Are you angry that the Federal government can view all your electronic communications and then detain you indefinitely without a lawyer or trial? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then surprise: You may be a Libertarian.


A third option is needed in this election because Obama and Romney are essentially the same candidate. Despite Obama’s teenage marijuana use, he has shut down more than twice as many legal cannabis dispensaries in California and Colorado as former President George W. Bush, Romney also opposes marijuana legalization. 

Romney created the template for Obamacare while serving as governor of Massachusetts. Both candidates supported the corrupt Troubled Asset Relief Program bailouts that artificially propped up several corporations, and the national debt has increased by five trillion dollars under the current administration. 

The president claims to support diplomacy with Iran while continually pushing economic sanctions, which can be a prelude to war. If elected, Romney would bomb Iran as soon as possible.

The Patriot and National Defense Authorization Acts (which basically erase the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Amendments of the U.S. Constitution) are strongly supported by both candidates. They’re in agreement on armed intervention in Libya, Yemen and Syria. 

If you examine the Democratic and Republican presidential tickets, you will find that the only major difference between the two is the issue of gay marriage.


Johnson currently polls at six percent support nationally, and he has double digit support in swing states, but that could change if he is allowed into the televised presidential debates this month. 

Lawyers for the Johnson campaign filed a lawsuit with the Commission on Presidential Debates, which has held debates for every election since 1988. The CPD is run by a former Republican or Democratic chairman, and has successfully managed to keep other parties out of the debates, with the exception of Ross Perot in 1992. 

Since the position of President and Vice President are paid positions, the lawsuit was filed under the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, alleging that both parties are conspiring to form a duopoly by restricting access to the debates. If upheld, the CPD must include Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and Constitution Party candidate Virgil Goode – or cancel the debates. 

As a result of the lawsuit, Phillips Electronics and ten other major sponsors of the presidential debates have pulled their support to dissociate themselves from the partisanship of the CPD. At the time of print, the debates will continue as scheduled with Obamney.

Johnson is believable because of his accomplishments in New Mexico. He vetoed 750 bills (32 percent of all bills) while in office and was reelected as a Republican in a state that votes 2:1 for Democrats. 

He also cut taxes 14 times, left office with a budget surplus and cut 1,200 government jobs without firing anyone. He can talk the talk today because he has been walking the walk since 1994. Johnson has qualified for the ballot in 47 states and Washington D.C., and is litigating the other three; the Green and Constitution parties only have ballot access in half the states.

On Nov. 6, you can waste your vote on Obamney and enjoy another four years of undeclared war, unrestricted spending and the erosion of basic civil liberties – or you can vote Gary Johnson for President and support a balanced budget, peace, freedom from intrusive government and legal marijuana.

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